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Honest Air Conditioning Repair For Friendswood

Seems too good to be true doesn’t it. Well it’s time to end that hassle and switch to Custom Air Systems. We are a privately owned HVAC company that has been helping bring premium service and quality to the people of Friendswood and Pearland for over 20 years. We want to make sure that you get what you need for your Friendswood air conditioning, not what is gonna cost you the most. Why? Because you are top priority, and your satisfaction in our work is more important than making a quick buck.

What do I need?

Our professional technicians are available around the clock to talk with you and discuss what the problem is with your AC. We’ll assess what is the best route to take to get you the results from your air conditioning without charging you for unnecessary parts or services. There are two common ways to solve an AC problem.

  • The first is to have our HVAC team locate the problem that is causing your unit to under perform and then do repairs on the unit. This would include parts and labor for the components that are damaged or broken. We then identify what caused the damages in the first place to make sure that it won’t just keep reoccurring.
  • The second route is a replacement of the entire air conditioning unit. It’s not the greatest sound in the world, but if your old unit has taken enough damage, you could end up spending more on repairs than it would cost to get a more efficient unit. Fortunately, newer units tend to draw less power as the technology advances, saving you money on electric over time.

How would a new unit be a better deal?

Often times a Friendswood Air Conditioning contractor may have sold you on an inappropriate unit for your home or business. This means the unit that you received isn’t powerful enough to adequately cool the size of the building and is bound to need repairs after a few years. This cutthroat measure is employed to make it look like your getting a great deal on your AC unit, but in time it will cost much more than if the job was done right the first time. We’ll always be straight forward with you during any AC installation. Custom Air Systems promises nothing but honesty and quality to earn your complete satisfaction with our work.

Call Us anytime and we’ll get job done right for you.


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