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Approximately 87 percent of American families are concerned about the air conditioning of their homes. Apart from the summer heat, the winter weather gives enough reason to worry about air conditioning.

Suppose you have an air conditioner installation project, what do you need to know? It is easier than you can imagine!

Save yourself from unnecessary worries and make your air conditioner installation fast and convenient by ensuring that you’re well prepared. We’ve prepared this comprehensive list to help you get started.

1. Dirty Filters Kill Efficiency and Air Circulation

If you use your air conditioner heavily, the AC filters need replacement every month. This helps in keeping the unit under excellent functionality. Dirty filters clog the unit resulting in poor performance of the system.

Clogged filters prevent the free circulation of the freon throughout the system. Clogging leads to the heating of the Freon, which instead of cooling, leads to heating that prevents the cooling of the system.

2. Regular Maintenance is Necessary

Bi-annual AC maintenance is essential for durability and safety. There is no need for waiting for your AC to break down to seek the services of a professional installer. Regular repair is cost-effective!

A technician will identify damaged parts and repair them before you incur any extra fee. Try out some new maintenance methods such as cleaning the evaporator valves and the evaporator coil to increase the efficiency of your AC.

3. The Compressor and Condenser Must Be Clear and Clean

For your AC to continue pumping cold air, it is essential to keep the outdoor unit clean and free from debris. Check it on a weekly basis and clean it thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

The condenser raises the pressure, which helps in controlling cold air circulation from high pressure to the section of the room with low pressure.

4. Help Your AC Keeping Cool

It is the job of your AC to maintain coolness in your environment. However, you can help it by keeping the shades closed throughout the day when the weather is scorching.

5. Need Stress-free Air Conditioner Installation? Consider Insulation

Ducts or crawl holes in hot attics need to be wrapped to provide the air within them with a cool environment. You may use a batt insulator, a spray foam and a rigid foam insulator. Seal the batt and insulator with foil tape to ensure that no cold air escapes the system.

For effective insulation, ensure that the whole unit is well wrapped to avoid losing any cold air that may find its way out of the system. Insulation helps in holding cold air from low pressure to high pressure, thus ensuring free circulation of air, which further causes a cooling effect.

Lack of adequate preparation is the main reason why people make expensive and unnecessary mistakes during air conditioner installation! Now that you have crucial information about air conditioner installation, the process will be quick and easy. Check out our blog for more details about what to consider to make your installation project a success

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