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Most Common AC Mistakes

By Custom Air Systems Certified ExpertsMarch 11, 2019December 20th, 2023AC installation, AC Service, Blog, Emergency AC Repair, Home AC Repair

Common Air Conditioner Mistakes

Are you one of those people that always seems to have problems with your A/C? Everyone is guilty of a few of the most common Air Conditioner Mistakes. Here at Custom Air Systems, we have noticed some common factors in Air Conditioner Mistakes. Read on to learn if you can extend the life of your machine by following some of our helpful tips of common mistakes to avoid.

AC Maintenance

In the case of regular A/C usage, there is a fair amount of upkeep and preventative maintenance involved. In order for you to get the most out of your A/C and keep it running for longer, make sure you follow all the tips and advice from us here at Custom Air Systems. After all, we are the Air Conditioner Experts! When problems get out of hand and you need Emergency A/C Repair, contact us for a quick response and impeccable service.

Some of the most common mistakes people will make when dealing with AC Maintenance are:

Filter Replacement

AC units must have the filter replaced every month to remain in top working order. Dirty and clogged up filters will make the AC unit struggle more every time it turns on. It is the filters job to collect all the dust and debris particles floating around in the air, so make sure you clean out the filter to keep your air clean and machine running for longer.

Letting The Outside Air In

You may be familiar with the phrase, “Shut the door, you’re letting all the A/C out!” yelled at us by our parents or spouses. Hate to say it, but there is some truth to that claim. Letting the doors and windows remain open is not ideal for your air conditioner. Even if your A/C is off while the house is open, it will still make your A/C work extra hard to cool it off again later on. Not to mention there is a lot of pollen and dirt that can make its way into your home from the outside.

Turning the A/C Off While You’re Gone

A lot of people will turn the a/c off or up while they are gone in an attempt to save money. The thought process is logical, while you’re not home there seems to be no sense in keeping the A/C on. However, when the temperature is raised more than 5 degrees, you will end up using more power to cool it down again when you turn it back on then you would have if you left it on all day. It is easier to maintain the temperature throughout the day than it is to get it to make a drastic change.

Not Running A Ceiling Fan

Circulating air with a ceiling fan after it is blown from the A/C vents will help spread the cool air around the room. This means the A/C has less work to do thanks to the fan moving the air. Always run a ceiling fan if you are trying to keep it cool in your home and keep the A/C from overworking.

What You Can Do

If you stick to these basic tips on A/C maintenance you will be able to extend the life of your air conditioner for quite a lot longer than before. Remember though, even a machine kept up perfectly will still need actual maintenance done by an AC professional. When you need AC Repair or AC Maintenance, call or Contact Us here at Custom Air Systems.

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