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Residential A/C Maintenance

A hot Texas summer day is the worst possible time for your home’s A/C system to go down. One of the best insurance policies you can have against that happening is regular air conditioning preventative maintenance. Custom Air Systems offers a variety of A/C maintenance programs to fit any budget, and all are designed to keep your system up and running at peak efficiency.

We offer scheduled maintenance programs to fit any budget. When you sign up for a program from Custom Air Systems, we come to your home and replace or clean your filters and provide a complete safety and visual inspection of all of the interior and exterior elements. If we detect a problem, we address it and repair or replace the part before your system fails.

Indoor HVAC Inspection & Repair Service | Custom Air System

Preventative Maintenance

We understand that your HVAC system is a significant investment. Routine maintenance can help to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Our service plans include:

Routine maintenance of your A/C system will not only keep it running at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption, it will also help to prevent issues before they become significant problems requiring expensive service. We offer customized maintenance plans designed to keep your system running year-round, and your tenants happy and comfortable!

  • Filter Replacement or Clean-up
  • Complete safety inspection of your entire system
  • Visual inspection of all internal and external system elements
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