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Energy-Saving A/C Units

Technology has made AC units much more efficient. With improved temperature control and improved system designs, homeowners can maintain a consistent, comfortable climate in their home while using up to 50 percent less energy. Variable-speed air handlers can distribute cold air more efficiently throughout the house, adjusting output as needed, saving energy.

Modern thermostats and remote-controlled devices like those made by NEST allow homeowners to adjust the temperature so that you use less energy at periods when you are not at home, then returning your house to the perfect temperature when you return. This feature alone can save you up to 10 percent on your annual energy costs.

Benefits of Energy-Saving A/C Units

Installing an Energy Star-rated central air conditioner is not only more efficient, but it’s also quieter to operate, has fewer maintenance needs, is more environmentally friendly, and saves you money. Replacing your old, inefficient A/C unit is a great way to move toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Performing annual maintenance and regular filter changes can prolong the life of your system and increase savings. By choosing energy-saving products, you’ll not only lower your costs, but you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment.

Rusty HVAC System | Custom Air Systems

When to replace

If you’re experiencing any of these telltale signs, it may be time to replace your air conditioning and heating unit.

  •  Your air conditioner is more than 15 years old – Older technology is less efficient. HVAC units are a lot like cars, the older they get, the more you’ll spend keeping them “on the road.”
  •  You know your repairman by his first name – If you’re seeing your repairman more than once or twice a year, it’s time. The result of an older system? More frequent repairs and higher energy costs!
  • You have hot and cold spots in your home – An inefficient heater can result in uneven distribution of treated air. If you have hot and cold spots, it’s probably time for a new system.
  • Your air conditioner is making excessive noise – If your air conditioner is noisier than usual, it could mean critical parts are wearing out.

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