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My A/C Isn’t Working Like It Should

Your A/C won’t last forever. We’ve all had that hot summer day when the cooling just doesn’t seem to work right. For some, this can be a disgruntling event. It keeps getting hotter and it can happen at the worst of times for you. Here at Custom Air Systems, we do everything we’ve trained for to save you from A/C nightmares.

AC Repair Timing Is Key

When your air conditioner breaks down, the countdown for repairs begins. In the common event that the A/C is still on but not working correctly, you are at a large risk of unnecessary damages. You may not notice until you get off of work that day that the temperature doesn’t seem to be correct. Don’t turn the thermostat lower! Repair work today can save you thousands tomorrow!

It isn’t just a one time issue. If a component in an air conditioning unit is damaged, it tends to bring the other components with it. A small problem can end up as the starting line for a chain reaction of breakdowns in the system. Something as small as a refrigerant leak can become the direct cause of the compressor and evaporator coils to fail.

Having simple repairs done at the first sign of trouble can bring peace of mind. You can prevent other repair problems from occurring at all. Even regular maintenance of A/C units can end up preventing unsightly repairs in the future.

Why Does It Have To Break Down?

Our air conditioning systems work hard day in and day out. We don’t often give them the care that they deserve! The simple truth is that our air conditioner is a mechanical system. That being said, no mechanical system runs perfectly forever; not without proper care that is.

Your A/C is going to run into problems from time to time. Don’t make it a hassle for yourself. Custom Air Systems has over 20 years of professional HVAC experience. A quick repair today will save you money tomorrow. At the first sign of damages, call an air conditioning team.

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