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Need a local AC repair company?

Custom Air Systems is here to work for you. With over 20 years of experience in the industry of HVAC, we’ve tackled more air conditioning repairs than you could imagine. Here in Texas, the heat can really do a number on your AC unit, and you don’t wanna be caught without internal cooling for your home or business. That’s why we work around the clock to bring you the best in AC repair Pearland.

There are a number of causes of AC troubles, the foremost of which is how over-driven our units run during the hotter months. Even the most quality of AC units is bound to take damage from the stress over time. Before you drop thousands of dollars on a brand new unit, let our professional technicians come assess whether simple repairs could keep you cool for years to come.

Why choose Custom Air Systems?

Honesty is our policy. Too many large companies try to oversell you on unnecessary repair or replacement work that you don’t even truly need. In just a small time frame Custom Air Systems HVAC technicians can find out just what the problem is. We give you the same quality of work that we would expect ourselves.

Identify the Source

Even when AC repairs are supposedly completed there is more to the problem than that. If all we did was replace a few components than the problem would be bound to return. We take the time to identify what caused the problem in the first place and eliminate it. That way your repairs will last for years on end and we can guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

What if the unit is broken?

It’s rare that a unit is too far gone for our grade of AC repair Pearland, but there is a chance that the repairs could end up costing more than a new unit altogether. Custom Air Systems technicians will always inform you of all the facts. If it would be cheaper to purchase a new unit then we are ready to do a full installation for you. New AC units use less power due to improvements in technology and if it will save you money down the line, we’d love to see you benefit.

Give us a call any time if you need repairs or just have any questions. We work our hardest to bring you the best and most honest AC repair services in the Houston area. Contact Us Today!