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With winter slowly starting to move out of Houston, the temperatures are going to start steadily rising as we make our way through spring, and into summer. Everyone knows how hot and miserable Houston summers can be without a cool, running AC unit. But is your AC up for the challenge of this summer? A quick AC maintenance check can quickly let you know if there’s going to be problems later in the year. But how often should you do AC maintenance checks, and when? The experts at Custom Air Systems are here to help!

Why Maintenance Checks?

Here in Houston, we all run our ACs pretty much nonstop from spring until early fall. During all that time running, your systems filters is being clogged with dirt, dust, and other small debris. While this may not sound like too big of an issue, but as that grit builds up over time, it starts to effect your condensing coils, and can greatly decrease the efficacy of your AC.

If it’s been years since your AC was last serviced, you’ll start to notice changes right away after the Custom Air System team finishes with maintenance check. Not only does a clean, well maintained AC blow colder, but it’ll also help cut down on your power bill, since your AC isn’t running as hard.

How Often and When Should We Do AC Maintenance?

AC maintenance, thankfully, isn’t something that has to be taken care of on a weekly, or even a monthly, basis. The Custom Air experts recommends a yearly maintenance check, both to clean and maintain your unit, and to make sure no repairs are needed.

The best time to have your AC maintenance is in the spring. Your system has spent the winter heating your home, and is now about to spend a good deal of time cooling your home during the summer. Take advantage of the mild(ish) spring weather and call Custom Air Systems out to take a look at your unit.

Custom Air Systems Offers AC Maintenance Plans

Here at Custom Air Systems, we don’t just handle AC repairs and installations, we also offer maintenace plans to ensure your AC makes it through its 15 year lifespan. When you sign up for an AC maintenance plan, you don’t have to worry anymore. Custom Air will send a tech out when it’s convent for you, clean and check your AC, and let you know of any possible problems. Contact us today to get a maintenance plan quote!

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