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Friends and neighbors in and around Pearland, TX, often seemed surprised to learn that Custom Air Systems, a renowned Manvel AC company, is also a Pearland AC company.

Pearland AC Services

What do you expect in a Pearland air conditioning company? Professional, prompt service? We provide that. Convenient hours? We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Installation, repair, maintenance and more? Custom Air Systems can handle every need, big or small.

A small list of services we can provide our Pearland customers:

  • Installation of new, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Cost-saving, professional repair of your Pearland home’s existing heating plant
  • Thorough inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of your central air conditioning equipment

AC Installation

Why not enjoy the professional installation of the latest, most energy-efficient AC by allowing Custom Air Services to plan, install, customize and balance your new system?

An expensive AC system improperly installed can perform worse than a mid-priced system that was expertly installed. In fact, the final step of manufacturing an AC system is done in the field, at your home or place of business. Expert installation and balancing is a must.

AC Maintenance

Custom Air Systems can maintain and optimize your existing AC equipment. We service all brands and know-how to get the most cooling power for the lowest cost. We strive to be the best air conditioning company in Pearland.

Regular, expert maintenance can keep your AC performing at peak efficiency even under the heaviest cooling loads. Annual inspections, cleaning, and maintenance are the best way to prevent expensive breakdowns and lengthy repair service calls.


Almost as important as keeping your cool in Pearland summers is staying warm through Pearland winters. Our expert AC technicians can keep your furnace, boiler or heat pump in superior shape throughout the heating season. We can install, maintain and repair just about any heating system to keep your Pearland home or business comfortable and cozy all winter long.


HVAC means more than heating (the H in HVAC) and air conditioning (the AC). Ventilation means moving air through your home and business to filter and clean the air, remove dangerous carbon monoxide and prevent hot and cold spots.

Custom Air Systems can help you with all your heating, ventilating and cooling needs, from design and installation to repair and maintenance. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!

(281) 466-4297