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Houston Hurricane Season

Hurricane Harvey has touched every aspect of life along the Texas coast. Homeowners and businesses seeking emergency A/C services may have been sorely tested to find an adequate response. Custom Air Systems is available with the 24-hour HVAC, residents, and business owners need.


Know When to Call

Here are some reasons to call an HVAC expert after a hurricane:
  • Flooding could have exposed electrical lines to damage;
  • First-floor supply and return ducts could have filled with flood water;
  • Contaminants in the water (gasoline, effluent, chemicals) could corrode or destroy refrigerant lines from occupied spaces to the roof unit.


Hurricane Recovery For Your Home

To ensure you can operate your home’s AC after a flood, do not turn on your system until a visit from Custom Air Systems. Our responders can be on-site at your home as fast as possible, assessing your indoor and outdoor units. Our technicians will:

  • Evaluate any physical damage to the exterior unit caused by debris, contaminated water or blunt impact;
  • Evaluate flood damage for sensitive parts, gaskets, and seals;
  • Inspect and assess the interior unit, especially if it was also subjected to flooding due to its placement.


Hurricane Relief Trained Professionals

The service technicians of Custom Air Services, like you, may never have experienced a disaster as widespread, devastating, or long-lasting as Hurricane Harvey’s flooding. We, too, are recovering. Yet we know we owe much to our community, and we are ready to give back. We will make ourselves available any time day or night to help our Manvel neighbors and friends get their homes and businesses back to normal. Indoor air quality, cold air, and dehumidification are all keys to making life enjoyable. Contact us today to let us help you recover.

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